1. Each qualifier can only go to the fair representing one club.  Once a person has qualified at one clubs finals to go to the fair, they will step down from other clubs they may have pre-qualified at.  No employee or relative of an establishment or hosting Karaoke Company at each club may qualify from the club they are affiliated with.    Jimmy Jo Jimbob works for Slick Suzies Karaoke hosting at Rotten Beer Club.  He can not go to Stale Ale  Pub and qualify because the show there is run by Offtone Carol running system by Slick           Suzies Karaoke also. (names are fictitious and are not to resemble any real persons.)


  1. There are two nights of competition at the fair, a semi-final night with elimination with contestants doing one or more songs and a finals night.   Contestants that move past the semi-final night and go on to Sunday night’s competition (final) will be required to sing from 2 different genres of music on that Sunday night.  1 country and 1 from another genre of pop/rock or other.  (country and western is the same genre)  
  1. All music tracks will be played from a licensed manufacturer Karaoke track only.  Downloaded tracks from i.e.: I-tunes, Karaoke Freedom(illegal site) and such are for personal use only(read the licensing agreement).  A copy from your friend’s disc is not acceptable.  Purchased discs from a licensed authorized dealer will be allowed.  A library will be available out at the fair but it will not be one of those 100,000 song illegal ones so be prepared with a choice of multiple songs to sing.  The library that will be at the fair is available at the Sound-Light-Karaoke store to sample prior to the fair. 


  1. Contestants must check in at the assigned time at the fair.  Once you have checked in and provided song choice there will not be any song changes permitted for that night’s performance.  If someone else sang your song, sing it better.   
  1. The contestants must be age 21 and up.  ID may be required for proof of qualification.


  1. There will be no swearing or inappropriate behavior allowed on stage.  Keep performance limited to PG rating (family approved).  If you wouldn’t hear it on the radio, you won’t hear it on the Evergreen State’s Fair stage.  Proper attire is required.  There will be no wardrobe malfunctions.  Ladies, please be ladies and where appropriate length attire and undergarments.  I can not believe it must state this but has become necessary.  Contestant will be immediately disqualified.  There is no alcohol permitted at the fair and any singers smelling of alcohol or showing signs of intoxication will be disqualified.
  1. Lineup of the singers performing each evening will be done by random drawing and will be in that order.  There will not be any order changeups.  If a singer is not in position to go on stage at the time of their performance call, they will be disqualified. Contestants can not leave the stage during their performance. Leaving the stage will result in disqualification. Only the performing contestant is allowed on stage during the performance. If they have someone else come on stage with them this will result in disqualification. (persons with disabilities requiring assistance on and off stage is the only exemption and assistant will not be on stage during performance). Contestants must be present at the time of each night’s announcement of the winners for that evening’s performance.  If they are not, their spot will go to the next runner up.


  1. Contestants will be judged on 3 elements:    
      1. Vocal ability-  tone, control, can you hit the notes….
      2. Showmanship- are you a performer or should we have a tree stump on the stage to look at?  Dress for the performance or roll out of bed look? 
      3. Delivery-  do you know the song?  Do you communicate the songs story/meaning to the crowd?  Did you draw the people into your performance?
  1. Judges area is private and to be avoided by all.


  1. The winner will perform the National Anthem and 2 songs on stage prior to the To Be Announced  event to fulfill their obligation for the Evergreen Karaoke Superstar Contest 2014 or forfeit all prize and title. 



 Sound-Light-Karaoke and the Evergreen State Fair have no responsibility for preliminary contests held by any Establishment for qualifying contestants.  Judging and preliminary winner selection is solely up to the establishment holding preliminary contests.